Stretch Mark Removal

Not that long ago it was almost impossible to get rid of stretch marks.  Today, there are a number of ways to remove or lessen the visibility of stretch marks on the body.  Stretch mark removal can range anywhere from costly medical procedures to simple do-it-yourself treatments done from home.

Because stretch marks are purely cosmetic it is very rare for removal treatments to be covered by medical insurance.  Here I will profile some of the more common methods of removing stretch marks with costs ranging from under $100 to upwards of $10,000.  The choice you make is dependent on your personal choices and of course finances.

Top Stretch Mark Removal Methods

number one

Natural Stretch Mark Treatment

Cost: Less than $100
Side effects: none

Using a natural method to remove or lighten stretch marks is my top choice for a number of reasons.  While it is not as quick as some of the medical procedures listed here, it is completely safe and way less expensive than any of the other options.  This is the method I used to get rid of my stretch marks from pregnancy and I can tell you it does work. At a cost of under $100, there is no comparison in price to any of the medical procedures.  Plus, I didn’t trilastin_srhave to go through any pain like will happen with most of the treatments below.

There are a lot of products on the market that will remove stretch marks or at least claim to.  I did a lot of research before deciding on Trilastin and in my opinion it seemed to be the best.  The results spoke for themselves; After using it just like the manufacturer explains, my stretch marks started showing noticeable signs of fading within just a few weeks.

I used the Trilastin Stretch Mark formula on both my new stretch marks from pregnancy and also on light stretch marks I had on my buttocks since puberty.  I didn’t really expect the cream to work on my buttocks since those stretch marks were about fifteen years old.  But it worked as well removing those stretch marks as it did removing the new ones on my stomach.

I don’t plan on getting pregnant again but if I did, I would absolutely use this product again.  If you read my article on preventing stretch marks, you’ll see that I also used their maternity cream during my last pregnancy and it worked wonders as well.

number two

 Laser Treatment

Cost: $1000 – $2500
Side effects: Redness, tenderness, swelling, some pain.

Laser stretch mark removal has come a long ways in the last ten years or so.  For people searching for a medical treatment for their stretch marks, laser removal can be a good choice.Laser stretch mark removal

Multiple treatments are required at about a 4 week interval.  Costs typically range from $200 to $450 per treatment.  Four to eight treatments are usually required to get the effect desired, meaning the treatment time is usually four to eight months total.

Laser stretch mark removal works by focusing short pulses of laser light deep into the skin tissue.  This helps remove damaged tissue and aids in the body’s natural healing.  This method helps in the creation and regeneration of collagen which is an essential component of healthy skin tissue.

Of all the more intrusive methods of stretch mark removal such as surgery and microdermabrasion, laser removal of stretch marks holds the most promise.  Most major cities have one or more clinics that offer laser removal.

number three


Cost: $900 – $2000+
Side effects: Slight redness, tingling.

Microdermabrasion is a treatment consisting of shooting a tiny stream of very fine crystals at your skin while at the same time applying a slight vacuum pressure.  You could think of it almost like sandblasting.  The treatment will remove a tiny amount of epidermis at one time, measured around 25-50 microns.  The concept is of smoothing out the upper layer of skin (epidermis) while promoting healing and collagen production in the dermis, which is the layer in which the stretch marks actually occur.microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion will require multiple treatments, usually about 7 – 14 days apart.  The cost per treatment can vary widely dependent on size of area to be treated.  The number of treatments required could range from  3 to 8 or possibly even more.

Because Microdermabrasion treatment is superficial – working directly on the top layer of skin or epidermis, the results will generally not be great for stretch marks as stretch marks form in the dermis layer.  There is some evidence to suggest that there are some benefits to microdermabrasion and stretch marks but realistically there are better alternatives and your money is best spent elsewhere.

On the other hand, if you wanted a light rejuvenation of your facial skin, one or two microdermabrasion sessions may do wonders for you.

number four


Cost: $3500 – $9500
Side effects: Scarring, all other typical side effects you could expect from surgery

The list wouldn’t be complete with out adding surgery to it. Some stretch marks can be removed with surgery.  The most common surgical procedure for removing stretch marks would be abdominoplasty, commonly known as a tummy tuck.  This method involves removing excesssurgery skin and fat tissue from the abdomen to help tighten the skin and muscle.  While extreme, this method will work for those women that really want a firm stomach again.

Another surgical method of removing stretch marks is to actually cut out individual stretch marks.  This method will only work on certain areas of the body and each stretch mark removed will be replaced with a fine scar.  While probably not as noticeable as the stretch marks themselves, this procedure is far from perfect.  A qualified plastic surgeon could of course give you a far better explanation of the pros and cons of the surgery than I ever could.  But in my mind, swapping stretch marks for scars is not a great option.

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